Dragon Woman Cover
I created this image to be used as a magazine cover but now it's my phone background

Life Kratom Bag Design
This is a bag design I created for a new brand of Kratom with a fun and colorful feel

Elevate Infographic
An infographic designed for a competition held by a New York based education company

Fuji PowerPoint
My first PowerPoint template designed for a company named Fuji

Top Kratom
Another new Kratom brand design, this time far more minimalist and simple

710 Ad
One of the ads I created for somkeshops celebrating 710 during my internship

Hi Honey Labels
These labels are fake labels I designed, but I'm hoping to make the product and label real one day

SWGR Real Estate Logo
I designed this logo for a new real estate company my employer started

Remarkable Adventure Ad
This ad was designed to introduce a new adventure themed campaign for the Remarkable Herbs brand

Whole Herbs Exploded Bottle
This magazine advertisement was the first I ever designed that went to print in multiple magazines

NicPack Magazine Spread
I designed this ad to be used in digital and print magazines

O.P.M.S Gold Cards
These are the "before" and "after" of a photo I edited to be used for a mass email

Headspace Logo
These are my favorites of the logos I designed to be used for a total smoke shop re-brand

3 Leaf Magazine Ad
This magazine ad was my second chosen to go to print in multiple publications

Whole Herbs Foliage Ad
This ad has yet to go to print but is one of my favorites of the many I designed for Whole Herbs

Onix Meedia Logo
This logo was chosen to become the official logo of the media company that produces Smoke Affair magazine